In addition to being a profitable corporate entity, we also strive to be a responsible corporate citizen. Our CSR initiatives traverse a wide spectrum of beneficiaries ranging from employees and suppliers to the society that surrounds us and the environment that supports us all.
In order to build a strong relationship with the surrounding community, we provide:
Support to education
Meaningful programs
  through reputed NGO partners
Health programs
  through camps
In order to minimise our impact on the environment and cut pollution and waste, we have undertaken following initiatives:
Conducting energy conservation and
  waste reduction campaigns
Substituting power guzzling
bulbs and equipment with
  energy-efficient alternatives
Procuring the coal for the power plant from local sources in order to maintain a
  smaller carbon footprint
We continuously engage with our employees and suppliers in order to align their expectations with our ambitions. Here are some ways in which we maintain a mutually enriching relationship with these stakeholders.
By being open and honest
  about our products, their benefit
and their limitations
Going beyond the
minimum legal requirement
  when dealing with employees and promoting best practice in the workplace